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Binaryoptions.com was invented in 2011 to help traders make profits on the markets by using Binary Options. This financial product is very popular among new traders, but there are many complaints about it because of unreliable broker platforms that try to steal the money of uneducated investors.

With more than 10 years of experience in online trading, we want to show you that you can earn money with Binary Options. You will need a trusted binary broker trading platform and binary strategies.

Online trading can be difficult. From our experiences, we needed more than 8 years of practice to become fully profitable traders. You can learn from my skills and examples on this website.

About us - Binaryoptions.com

Who we are?

Binaryoptions.com authors and reviewers:

Percival Knight


I have been an experienced Binary Options trader for more than ten years. Mainly, I trade 60-second trades at a very high hit rate. My favorite strategies is by using candlesticks and fake-breakouts

I have been an experienced Binary Options trader for more than ten years. Mainly, I trade 60-second trades at a very high hit rate. My favorite strategies is by using candlesticks and fake-breakouts

Binaryoptions.com is a team of experienced traders and industry experts. We help the trading community by offering valuable guidance and information through our articles. 

We review different brokers and trading platforms on our website. We also offer traders trading guides, strategies, and other useful materials to help them trade properly. 

Our expert team evaluates each platform to provide traders with the most relevant information. We empower the trading community by imparting the knowledge and skills to succeed in trading through our articles. 

Our trading educational content covers a wide range of topics. We cover all the basic trading concepts to advanced trading strategies. Our educational resources help traders unlock their full trading potential. We are a trusted source for learning and development.

What we are doing

What we are doing

It’s our focus to become a one-stop destination for traders to fulfill all their trading requirements. We help traders know everything there is to know in the trading world. 

Our expert team offers the following key services to traders. 

Expert reviews

Our trading experts put a lot of effort into reviewing online trading platforms. They use each trading platform to decide whether using the broker’s platform is worthwhile. 

The trading industry is witnessing an unprecedented growth. So, several new brokers are emerging. 

However, a trader cannot trust every broker that he finds online. That’s when our reviews help traders. First, we conduct thorough evaluations of various trading platforms. Then, our expert team analyzes the features these brokers offer. 

We check the platform’s usability, security, and customer support. After this research, we present our unbiased reviews to traders. These reviews serve as a valuable resource for traders and help them make informed decisions.

Trading advice and strategies

Traders can find plenty of resources on our website for trading advice and strategies. We have trading strategies covered for every type of trader. These trading strategies help traders tap the potential of trading. 

Our experts are also open to offering expert guidance and insights to traders. In addition, they share valuable tips, effective strategies, and industry trends to assist traders in trading online.

Educational resources

Stepping into the trading world can be overwhelming. Newbies struggle a lot to understand how a trading platform works. We understand the beginner traders face when they first start trading. After all, we all started as newbies. 

Our team knows the importance of education in trading success. So, we make different tutorials, guides, articles, and videos accessible to traders. These educational resources cover fundamental concepts, advanced trading techniques, risk management, etc., for traders of all levels.

Community support

The trading community is growing at a good pace. We believe in the power of community. So, we encourage traders to connect and share their experiences. Our platform provides a supportive environment for traders to interact with each other. 

Traders can exchange ideas and learn from our experts. 

Why do we exist?

Why do we exist?

We exist because we recognize the tremendous potential that trading holds for traders. Trading is a perfect option to gain financial independence and growth. 

Our platform serves multiple purposes for traders. The following reasons drive our existence: 


We believe in empowering traders. So, our experts try to provide traders with the necessary knowledge. We extend the much-needed resources and support to allow them to trade confidently. 

Our expert guidance and unbiased reviews level the playing field for traders. 


Trading often seems intimidating. It is overwhelming for beginners. We exist to simplify the trading process. Our expert team tries to make trading accessible to traders of all backgrounds and experience levels. We help traders break down barriers and participate in trading.


The binary options market has had its share of challenges and controversies. Therefore, we promote transparency within the industry. By providing unbiased platform reviews, and market analysis, we aim to create a more transparent trading environment. See our editorial guidelines here for how we create appropriate information for readers.


Information and education form the foundation of successful trading. We educate traders about the fundamental concepts, strategies, and risk management techniques involved in binary options trading.

We want to empower traders to make well-informed decisions, mitigate risks, and optimize their trading performance.

The future goals of Binaryoptions.com

The future goals of Binaryoptions.com

Looking ahead, we have ambitious goals. Our aspirations are to enhance our platform further. 

Our future goals include the following:

More offerings

We aim to continually expand our offerings to provide traders with more resources and services. Our team looks forward to introducing new educational materials, advanced trading tools, and innovative features. These offerings will enhance a trader’s trading experience.

Advanced technology

Our team knows that it’s important to stay ahead of technological advancements. We want to implement the use of cutting-edge technologies to deliver a seamless and user-friendly platform. 

Our goal is to incorporate AI features and advanced data analytics. These will help traders get personalized recommendations.

Global reach

We are committed to reaching traders from around the world. Our future goals include expanding our reach into new markets, offering localized content, and providing support in multiple languages. 

We aim to create a truly global community of traders.

Partnerships and collaboration

Partnerships and collaborations help create synergies and enhance our offerings. We seek to collaborate with reputable brokers and industry experts. It will help us bring additional value to our traders. 

With strategic alliances, we can provide exclusive benefits, access to specialized resources, and unique trading opportunities.

Continuous improvement

We want to improve our platform continuously. So, we welcome feedback from our valued traders. Our experts actively listen to our users’ suggestions. We implement necessary enhancements to meet their evolving needs. 

We want our platform to evolve with the changing landscape of trading, delivering an exceptional user experience.

How do we sustain?

How do we sustain?

At BinaryOptions.com, we sustain our platform through various means. We also use affiliate links. We want to inform traders and other users about the role of affiliate links in our operations.

Affiliate links allow our valuable platform to earn a commission when a user visits the link and engages with the platform we promote. These commissions help us cover the costs associated with running and maintaining our website and ongoing research.

Affiliate links do not influence our reviews or ratings of the platforms. We provide unbiased and comprehensive information to our users. Our reviews and recommendations involve thorough analysis. We evaluate the features, benefits, and drawbacks of each platform.

We carefully select the platforms and services we affiliate with. Our team ensures that the platforms meet our stringent criteria of reliability, security, and user satisfaction. 

We value the trust traders place in us. 

By utilizing affiliate links, we can sustain our platform. It helps us to continue providing high-quality content and resources. 

Most asked questions by our readers:

What is BinaryOptions.com?

Our website is a comprehensive platform dedicated to binary options trading. We provide traders with reviews of trading platforms and expert advice. Our team also delivers educational content and market analysis and focuses on building a supportive community for traders.

How can your website help binary options traders?

Our websites offer a plethora of services to assist traders. We help traders choose a trading platform that is the right one for their needs. We offer expert trading advice and help traders understand and implement trading strategies. We also offer updated market analysis to help traders know the latest trends and developments.  

Are the trading strategies and advice provided on your website suitable for beginners?

Yes, our trading strategies and advice are suitable for traders at various levels, including beginners. We support traders in their learning journey. So, we ensure our educational resources cater to all traders. We provide foundational knowledge, step-by-step guides, and beginner-friendly strategies to help new traders build a strong foundation. However, it’s important for beginners to invest time in learning and practicing, as trading involves risks and requires ongoing skill development.

Can I trust the information and resources provided by BinaryOptions.com?

At BinaryOptions.com, we maintain total transparency, accuracy, and reliability in the information we provide. Our team of experienced traders and industry experts prepare the educational content. They conduct thorough research and analysis to present this information. However, investors must know that trading involves risks. So, traders should consider the information only as a guide. When making any trading decisions, traders should research. 

How can I contact BinaryOptions.com for support or inquiries?

If you need any trading assistance or have inquiries regarding BinaryOptions.com, you can contact our expert team via our contact page. We value every trader’s feedback. Our expert team provides excellent customer support.