Knowledge is power

You’ve got our eye on a few companies for one reason or another. Maybe you’ve invested in them, maybe you’re actively interviewing, or maybe you want to look smart in front of your partner’s boss. Whatever the reason, Owler Pro keeps you informed about the companies on your radar, and introduces you to the ones that aren't.


Discover 14 million businesses worldwide

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company profiles

Access key company data, including annual revenue, employee count, location, funding history, acquisitions, recent news, and more.


Meet the world’s most up-to-date competitive graph in existence! Owler maps over 40 million competitive relationships between 14 million companies worldwide.

advanced search

Filter Owler’s entire company database by annual revenue, sector, location, employee count, and public/private company status to find a match.


Track company news


Follow the companies that matter to you, and Owler Pro makes sure you never miss a thing. From our popular Daily Snapshot newsletter to real-time breaking news alerts, Owler Pro keeps you in the loop.


Daily Snapshot

Jumpstart your workday with the most relevant news and blog posts from the last 24 hours delivered to your inbox every morning. Daily Snapshot articles are personalized to the specific companies you follow, so you can effortlessly catch up with critical updates about the companies you follow.


Explore a real-time feed of news about all the companies you follow, with over seven years of historical news data. Filter Newsfeed using 15 news event types, including funding events, new product launches, partnerships, key hires, layoffs, conference sponsorship, record earnings, and more.

Instant Insights

Owler Pro delivers breaking news about the companies you follow in real-time. Every month, Owler records and delivers notification on over 18,000 mission-critical news events for our members. Owler Pro ensures no matter what happens, you’ll be among the first to know.


Advanced news tracking

Unlike Google Alerts, Owler Pro precisely matches over 180,000 news events each week to specific companies in our database, then tags each one using one of 16 news event types (for example, new funding or layoffs). 

Whether you’re tracking 30 competitors, 80 investments, 500 customers, or even 1,000 leads and prospects across an entire geographic region, Owler Pro makes sure you’ll never miss a thing.