Sales Intelligence

Always have a reason to reach out

Find new prospects, research accounts, and personalize your outreach with real-time news tracking for the companies in your pipeline.


Know your customers

Access rich data on over 14 million companies so you’re informed before you reach out.


Track breaking news

Owler Pro tracks over 180,000 news events every week.


prospect new business

Use Advanced Search to filter by industry, sector, location, annual revenue and more.


No surprises

Get real-time breaking news alerts for all your customers and prospects so you’re never caught off guard.


Supercharge all stages of the sales process



Owler Pro is the perfect place to prospect new business, with over 14 million public and private companies in our database — the most comprehensive and up-to-date company registry in existence! Use Advanced Search to filter by sector, location, public/private company status, employee count, and revenue to uncover the best new leads that match your ideal customer profile.



Research all of your leads, prospects and accounts with Owler Pro’s comprehensive company profiles. Get all of the critical information you need about a business in one place. Owler company profiles include everything you’d want to know about a business, including revenue, employee count, leadership, funding, top competitors, and recent news.

Reach out

Owler Pro tracks all of the companies you are targeting sends suggestions for timely introduction topics to build empathy and help you close more business. Not only will you be the first to know about new offices, leadership changes, product launches and more, but you can reach out at exactly the right time with the right message.

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Exclusive features for sales teams


Unlock even more features as well as special pricing when you bundle 5 or more licenses of Owler Pro with our “Owler Pro for Teams” bundle! Owler offers exclusive options for sales teams, including custom keyword alerts, Salesforce integration, brand customization, specialized training for your sales team, and API integrations.

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 See why top performing sales teams choose Owler Pro

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