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Owler provides you with access to hard-to-find data, exclusive insights and real-time business news for all your competitors, customers, and partners.

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Uncover direct and indirect competitors in your niche. Compare revenue, funding, employee count, and recent news to understand your strengths as well as opportunities for improvement.


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Keep tabs on competitors, key customers, and partners so you’re never caught off-guard.

Owler’s real-time competitive tracking helps future-proof your business strategy. Refine your solutions to take advantage of competitor weak-points, and define how you connect with buyers—even if their needs change overnight. Owler ensures you’re poised to respond quickly when big changes happen in your competitive space.

Owler surfaces news that will make waves in your industry, helping you notice trends before your competitors do. Owler’s active community of over 5M business professionals share exclusive insights that are only available on Owler’s platform, ensuring your business always stays ahead of your competition.


Actionable competitor insights

Owler sends real-time news alerts, so you can respond quickly to important changes in the market.

From press releases and published articles to videos and blog posts, Owler tracks every move your competitors make, and pushes new published content to you instantly. Configure your alerts with 16 event types to zero-in on the types of news that’s important to your business.

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Exclusive features for teams


Unlock even more features as well as special pricing when you bundle 5 or more licenses of Owler Pro with our “Owler Pro for Teams” bundle! Owler offers exclusive options for teams, including custom keyword alerts, Salesforce integration, brand customization, specialized training for your sales team, and API integrations.


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