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Ayrex review – Is it a scam or not? – Test of the broker

  • Free demo account
  • Fast trade execution
  • Professional platform
  • Contests
  • Broker is offline and scammed clients

Ayrex investor alert:

The Ayex broker is offline and scammed its clients. It is an unregulated broker without regulation! Do not sign up with Ayrex!

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(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

Ayrex logo

Is Ayrex a scam or a reliable Binary Options Broker? – Read more about it in this new review of 2023. I tested the trading platform and I will show you all the advantages and disadvantages. Find out if it is worth investing your money in this broker.

What is Ayrex? – The company presented

Ayrex is an international broker for Binary Options. You can bet there on rising or falling markets. If you are right, they payout a high return/yield. The company is based in Saint Kitts and Nevis and was invented in 2014. The broker runs by Advanced Binary Technologies Ltd. They accept traders from everywhere except the United States, Iran, and some other countries.

The Broker offers you to trade Binary Options with more than 60 different assets. The execution is one of the fastest on their own developed trading platform. In addition, there is support via phone, chat, and email. Beginners can start with the free Binary Options Demo Account and learn more about trading in the education center.

Facts about Ayrex:

  • Established in 2014
  • Based in Saint Kitts and Nevis
  • 60 Assets +
  • Good and fast support
  • Free demo
  • Free binary options demo contest with prizes
  • Very fast execution

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Pocket Option - Trade with high profits

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The conditions to Trade Binary Options with Ayrex

From my experience, Ayrex is a very professional broker, which provides its traders with first-class financial trading. Ayrex is a pure Binary Options Broker. You can trade more than 60 different assets (forex, commodities, cryptos). The expiry time for options starts at 30 seconds and goes up to an hour. The returns/yields are between 70 – 95%. The most traded assets give you the highest return.

Bet on rising and falling markets. The big advantage of Ayrex is fast trade executions. Open your trades in 0.028 seconds. This is very fast and the best execution worldwide.

Binary Options checklist
  • Returns 70 – 92%+
  • Short-term trades 30 seconds
  • Fast execution of 0.028 seconds
  • More than 60 Assets

What is important for a Binary Options Trader?

First of all the most important things to trade Binary Options profitable are the asset profit and the trade execution. Also, the diversity of assets is very important. Advanced traders know that you can make an easy profit by watching over 60 markets. Clearly, Ayrex offers a trader what he needs. In conclusion, the conditions to trade are comfortable and recommendable.

Test of the trading platform

On the platform, you can use a free demo or real account for trading Binary Options. Customize the charts in different timeframes and use Bollinger Bands as an indicator. It is a clean and easy-to-use trading platform. Especially for beginners, there is a lot of information on the platform. The website makes a modern impression and scores well with a clean menu.

The disadvantage of this platform is that it is not very customizable and flexible. There is a lack of different options for developing own trading strategies. On the other hand, the trading experience was perfect. It makes fun because there are no lags or other issues. Trade execution is one of the fastest in the world. Ayrex says that traders can open the position in 0.028 seconds. I proofed it and they are right.

Also, the platform is available for mobile trading, but only for Android devices. In conclusion, it is not the best but it is an acceptable platform for trading as fast as possible with the candlestick chart.

ayrex trading
Screenshot of the Ayrex trading platform

How to use Ayrex? – Trading Tutorial

Bet on more than 60 different rising or falling markets. It can be Forex, Stocks, Commodities, or Cryptocurrencies. The platform is 24/5 open for trades. It is very easy and simple to understand the function of Binary Options. Just make a forecast of the price movement of an asset. The forecast should be limited to the expiry time. Binary Options are closed after a certain expiry time automatically. There are different time horizons for short-term or long-term trading.

For example EUR/USD – 90%. That means if you open the trade with a 100$ investment amount and you predict the right direction of the market, you get a payout of 190$. 100$ return of the investment amount and 90$ profit at a certain time. You can customize the Binary Options as you want.

  1. Choose a market you want to trade
  2. Analyze and make a forecast of the direction of the future price movement
  3. Take any time horizon/expiry time of the trade
  4. Bet on rising or falling markets
  5. Get a high profit of more than 90%
  6. Payout your profit
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Very fast execution for Ayrex Traders

Another advantage of the platform is the market data and price movement. From my experience, they do not manipulate charts or give you a false price. I compared it with other brokers and market data providers. Always Ayrex gives you the best price and the fastest execution. They do not lie when they say: “Binary Options reinvented”. It feels very comfortable to trade on the platform.

Mobile Trading is available

Also, mobile trading is available for your smartphone but it is only available for Android users. This is a disadvantage for all apple users. Nowadays mobile trading is necessary for traders. Trades can open, edit or close positions as usual with this app. Customer support can be contacted and at the same time, the processing of deposits and withdrawals is possible. In conclusion, the app is good like the web trading platform.

Free Ayrex Deposit Bonus

Ayrex offers a deposit bonus. That is the only bonus they offer. It can be a maximum of 30% and depends on the invested amount (10%, 20%, 30%). You can cancel the bonus any time with one click. This is a useful advantage. The bonus must be canceled or the bonus requirements have been fulfilled for a withdrawal.

The turnover of a bonus has to be x40. For example, you get a bonus of 1000$. Now you have to make a trading volume of 40.000$ before you can withdraw the bonus.

Ayrex Bonus

How to open your free Demo Account

A demo account is an account funded with virtual money. A lot of traders use virtual accounts to get their first experience with the platform. Everyone should try a broker by himself before starting trading with real money. In the demo account, you can practice Binary Options and check out how the broker works. In addition, advanced traders can develop new strategies or try to trade new markets. With Ayrex you do not need a registration to try the demo account.

  • You do not need a registration
  • Capitalized with 1000$

Open your real account with Ayrex in few steps

It is very easy to open your real account with Ayrex. I will show you the next steps. First, you only need your email, country, and real name. After that, you get access to the trading platform (use the form below for registration). In my opinion, you should verify your account 100% before starting investing real money.

The verification is as easy as the registration. Just upload a photo/document of your passport. The broker will check your document and verify the account. It takes the time of 24 hours or less. It is important to know because withdrawals without verification are not allowed.

  • Register with email, name and secret password
  • Verify your account with your passport.
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Withdrawals and deposit with Ayrex Broker 

From my experience, there are no problems with the deposit and withdrawal. Use different payment methods for a deposit in less than 2 minutes. The minimum deposit is 5$ on the Ayrex Broker. Sometimes the payment methods depend on the country of the trader. Use a credit card, cryptocurrencies, or other e-wallets like Skrill or Neteller.

The withdrawal system works very fast and is reliable. After a maximum of 24 hours, the withdrawal is done. They do the withdrawals every working day.

You can use the following payment methods:

  • Credit Cards (Master, Visa)
  • Bitcoin
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Bankwire
  • FasaPay
  • UnionPay

My Ayrex Withdrawal Proof

Some traders claim that unregulated Binary Options Brokers do not pay out their earnings. From my experience, Ayrex completed all my requests for withdrawal. I earned a lot of money with this company in the past and I always do withdrawal my earnings to be safe. In the following screenshot you will see my withdrawal proof:

Ayrex withdrawal proof
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(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

Overview of the Ayrex Contest

For advanced traders and traders without money, Ayrex offers a free demo contest for everyone. The contest is 3 times every week with a monthly prize of 1080$. Everyone who got a demo account can start the contest. Furthermore, you do not need to do anything to join the contest. It is automatic.

15 minutes before the contest starts you get an alert on the trading platform. The contest lasts one hour with the chance of winning 100$. Another big advantage is that you can win prizes in 2nd, 3rd place and more. The first 8 participants will get a prize.

How to win the Ayrex contest?

Just trade well as you can and get a high place in the rankings. Only short-term trading is allowed because the contest lasts 1 hour. In conclusion, the contest is very unique for a Binary Options Broker.

Ayrex contests

Support and service for traders

The Support is available on normal working days Mon – Fri, 7:00 – 23.00 (EET). The broker offers phone, chat email support. For bigger clients, they got special trained account managers. The support works very fast and is available in 9 different languages like the main page.

In conclusion, support is reliable and courteous. They answer quickly and understand the questions in a few seconds. For further questions, you can call them via phone.

Phone, Email, Chat24/5 Mon – Fri, 7:00 – 23:00 (EET)+44 20 3322 7337

Is Ayrex legit? – Scam or not? – My review conclusion: Broker is offline

Ayrex is interesting for beginners and advanced traders. In my opinion, it is a reliable Binary Options Broker for 4 years, but now the website is offline and some clients are scammed. I know this broker and I traded there a lot of trades in the past. With Ayrex you can get the best executions for Binary Options. That is why the broker is so popular and I use this platform for my short-term trading.

They offer you the conditions for the successful trading of more than 60 different assets. First of all, try to use the free demo account. After you feel comfortable you can start with a small deposit of 5$. If there are any questions left, you can ask for support. They answer directly in a few seconds. In conclusion, Ayrex was a good Broker, but now it is a scam.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ayrex:

  •  Yield 70 – 95%
  •  30 Second-Trades
  •  Very fast execution
  •  Clear and user-friendly platform
  •  Bonus program
  •  Free contest
  •  No Regulation
  • The broker is offline and some clients are scammed!
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(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Ayrex:

Is Ayrex regulated?

No, Ayrex is not regulated and has attracted negative attention due to scams. We do not recommend this platform.

Is Ayrex trusted?

Ayrex has lost the trust of many traders who have been scammed by the platform. Many people lost their money. Therefore, we can not say that Ayrex is trustworthy.

Is Ayrex a legit company?

Ayrex is not a legit company as it was taken offline due to the scams.

What is Ayrex trading?

Ayrex trading refers to the trading of financial assets on the Ayrex trading platform.

Is Ayrex halal?

Ayrex cannot be considered halal. The broker has been known for fraudulent practices and scams in the past. Accordingly, Ayrex is not halal, but haram.

What is Ayrex option?

An Ayrex option is a binary option that could be traded on the Ayrex platform. Nowadays, the platform is offline and no longer offers these financial instruments.