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Data, as you know it, is dead

Most data providers rely on inconsistent pulls of information from secondary sources, or rely on outdated and un-scalable methods to collect information. The result is data that’s out of date before you even get your hands on it. It’s unreliable. It’s dead.


How Owler’s data is different

Owler’s data is mined directly from the source - over 5M reliable and knowledgeable business professionals. Every day, people just like you contribute insider intelligence about the companies they work for. After that, the information goes through a comprehensive scrubbing, and verification process, including Owler’s proprietary algorithms as well as human curation and validation.


Dynamic data - like nothing else!

Owler data is community-powered competitive intelligence, updated constantly in real-time. It is the most current, comprehensive, and exclusive “living” dataset available on the planet. In fact, Owler data powers many of the other “data services” you may already be using.

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Competitive Relationship Graph

Get a comprehensive view of your marketplace. See how companies compete on multiple levels, and understand competitive dynamics on over 14 million businesses.

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Dynamic firmographics

Measure, track, and analyze dozens of dimensions that are updated in real time about any business—public and private. Eliminate noise, focus your resources and get results.

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Content monitoring

Get real-time news and actionable business insights about the companies most relevant to your business. Help your company act on the most timely and relevant information.


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