About Owler


Owler is the sales intelligence and business information research company you have been looking for. 

With a community of over 5 million business users that rely on our sales intelligence data, we have up-to-date, accurate, and actionable company insights that will improve your sales prospecting, competitor analysis, business information research, client relationships, and much more.

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We have Three plans available for you:

  • Owler Community - Our free membership gives you a sample of our sales intelligence and business information

  • Owler Pro for executives, marketers, and sales professionals

  • Owler Pro Teams - Sales intelligence for your entire sales team

Each month, our members contribute unique insights about the companies they work for. We have exceptional data on revenue estimates, funding, acquisitions, CEO approval ratings, employee headcounts, and every data point you need to know.

Join Owler, gain access to data on millions of companies, ”follow” the ones that matter to you, and receive daily news updates on those companies via the Daily Snapshot. 

The Daily Snapshot summarizes the last 24 hours’ news, as well as real-time news alerts when breaking news is published about one of the companies you follow.

Owler is the company making waves in the business intelligence industry.


In 2011, Owler founders Jim Fowler and Tim Harsch decided they wanted to create the best business information research and sales intelligence company on the planet, so they did.

Owler sought to take the business information research industry further by allowing our community to contribute data to our company profiles, gathering even more unique intelligence from millions of business professionals.

We succeeded in our goal, and in mid-2021 Owler was acquired by SaaS media monitoring company Meltwater